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As a family, we're up to all sorts.  

This is our Family Flag!

I'm KK, the writer of this Blog, Hi! *waves manically*

 I'm a Professional Boulanger.  

Jewellery Designer and Maker 

My Wife Shellebelle is a Photographer 

and Musician, 

Watch us here

our little girl Boo 

is 8 and totally into 1D, drumming, baking and dolls (not baking dolls, that would be disturbing ...)

Our boys TomTom 

and Elf 

are 6 year old twins and could not be more different.  
TomTom is a cheeky little Surf Dude, he splits his time between trailing his big sis and looking for mischief. 

 Elf is more serious with a vivid Imagination and a temper to match!

We love the Countryside and spend loads of time doing Nature Trails, Foraging and Ecological activities. 

we also love baking, cooking (and eating), music, films, Museums, Galleries, Theatre, bargain hunting/vintiquing ... all sorts really. 

We love spending time as a couple and enjoy doing so frequently - one of the benefits of Co-Parenting.  

We love being a Family and enjoy making the time we spend with the kids, collectively known as 'The Caprilets', as wonderous and loving as possible.

This Blog is about all of that and more ... 

If you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it and living it (so far) well, it'll be fun!

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