Thursday, 14 November 2013

Keeping Warm ... (without massive energy bills?)

Seeing a link a friend had posted on FB made me think about being warm ... It also made me realise how much I have to learn about keeping warm cheaply.

I am a comfort bunny.  I HATE the cold bit. I absolutely loathe being cold.  So ... living in a barely insulated single glazed Cottage on a tightish budget is somewhat of a challenge.  The answer is to think outside the box, the box in question being the boiler.

We have our wood burner and an open fire both of which are amazing and warm the house wonderfully ... but this is only the start.  We have Thermal curtains, and because I make all our own baked goods the oven is on a lot of the time which throws out lots of lovely heat.  

As a family we have a lovely collection of 'snugglies'  really thick snuggly jumpers and fluffy fleecey blankets and throws of all kinds.  
We do have the central heating on for an hour in the morning while everyone is getting up and for a couple of hours in the early evening when everyone has come in from the cold on the school run.  We have the wood burner going at the same time, add in hot chocolate for 5 and you have super snuggly.

Before and after tea the Caprilets play in the dining room, colouring or games.  At bed time, the Caprilets change into their snuggly jimmies, rush under their extra thick duvets and spend the nights tucked up like little snuggle bugs.

Once the Caprilets are tucked up Shellebelle and I build 'fort warm' in the living room.  We let the wood burner in the dining room tick over on low to stop the house being too cold. Our fort involves 3 cats on laps, a roaring fire, a snuggly throw, fluffy jumpers, lots of hot tea and Sofa 'spoon' cuddles.

So the result - Are we warm?  I would say yes, is it a sustainable/ reasonable monthly cost ... I would also say yes.

Yes, we have to wear jumpers in winter, sometimes things are a wee bit chilly before the wood burner has kicked in ... but we're not cold - we're not tropical either so I think we may be making use of that flowerpot/candle heater which started this whole train of thought.  I'll let you know how I get on.

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