Sunday, 10 November 2013

Festive Misfire ...

I asked the question some time ago

'Why is it I always feel more festive before the actual event and not on the actual event?' 

I never really answered it. So I decided I should find myself an answer.  

In itself it seems it's not an issue, wonderful to spend 6 weeks on a festive high ... except I don't, because you know, I'm human. 

In the past I have been known to peak around November 20th ... and then I have the post festive feeling slump ... right through December into the New Year... Which is fun.  

I decided to really 'look' at it and I think I've worked it out:
So here is my 
'How I manage to sabotage the festive feeling' 
top 5 ... 

(Imagine the radio 1 chart theme tune here ... also Bruno Brooks doing the run down would be good if your imagination can stretch that far, if not, it's OK ... no really, it's fine.)

In at 5, a non mover - All the festive stuff that I love that makes me feel as though that special time of year has finally arrived, the markets, the planning, the wrapping, the card making, the gift making, creating the hampers, making the food,  the organising; can do nothing to repair the damage to my festive spirit if faced with a Reggie mid 'festive prep marathon'.  Knowing this and being worried about this can make it a self fulfilling prophecy ... 

New entry at 4 - To me the point is that it is a time for giving love, not 'stuff'.  It upsets me that I am not able to convey this to my children in this 'grabby grabby' age we live in.

Up 2 places at 3 - I love the run up more than the actual event and feel I'm deficient somehow.

Still in at 2 -  I love it all so much I forget my golden rule for this sort of thing 'relax into it and enjoy it'. 

And for the 900th week the #1 this week - It rarely if ever meets my aspirations.  

So what to do about it?  

To stop 'peaking too soon' 

I'm banning Festive 'Stuff' i.e. decorations, food, music, TV, Films until Saturday 14th December.  This gives us just over a week to 'festive cram'  before Yule which Shellebelle and I celebrate and 10 days to xmas which we celebrate with the Caprilets.  

I'm stockpiling festive food programs and films on the skybox because they have started already (!) 

We're choosing our tree that weekend and will spend the weekend festooning the cottage and tree.  
Why will this help? 

Ever since the Caprilets were old enough to be excited about the decorations we've decorated on the 1st of December, however last year we couldn't because we moved house.  Putting the decs up closer to the date actually made everything seem more special.  

Wildly High Aspirations

Hmm tricky.  Without some aspiration it'd be a bacon butty and a can of Bulmers ... which is tempting to be honest!  Anyway this year my present to myself is to have less to do.  I am, I've decided just chilling.  

How to do it and make it still feel awesome

I've got a plan, of course I have.  We're paring back to basics, but those basics will be lovely homemade treats.  Cakes, pies, pastries, puds, pates, pickles and chutneys and of course breads, lots and lots of breads. 
Add to that delicious seasonal fruits and nuts, fresh veggies, local meats and cheeses, whizzbang drinkies and you've got perfect and stress free festivities.

Embracing my Nerdiness

So the way I see it, my 'run up frenzy' is totally part of the deal.  Why stress that I enjoy that bit more anyway?  Why not just see it as part of the way I enjoy it ..  Ah-ha and then it hits me.  Enjoying the run up more is all about lists and planning and organising, which is totally part of who I am.  So there you have it.  

OK so how to do that? 

 The trick is to enjoy it and leave the stress behind ... Oh well that's easy.  Just Tao it ... well, maybe a teensy bit of list making ... and some preparation ... Oh and er ... Ahh ... I don't know.  Hmmm more work on that one!

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