Sunday, 6 October 2013

What to Do When Your Clothes Don't Fit ...

I have always had a strong sense of personal style, one of my favourite phrases is 

"Your own style is never out of fashion"

I am currently, nearly 2/3rds of the way through losing weight.  Not for any 'I want to be thin' reasons, but because losing 90lbs will help me manage my Arthritis.  I've lost 55lbs so far and have another 35lbs to loose.  I have to admit it feels good, not so much the losing weight, but being able to.  Making a decision and making it happen.  No excuses, no 'maybe tomorrows', just doing it and sticking at it.

Exercising regularly has more to do with it than anything. Although we are eating smaller portions, mainly so there is no waste and we're saving money.  

The regular swimming means we're generally less sedentary, walking onto town rather than taking the car, spending more time in the garden, being generally more active. This will be so much easier when they sort poor Shellebelle's knee out, it hasn't stopped her mind. I think she's surprised herself at the determination to succeed she's found.

Anyway, back to point.  Last year before we moved I had, what can only be described as  'a mad chuck out' of clothes which were too small - oh the irony.  My Mum will be reading this damn near peeing herself.  She tells anyone who will listen that she spent the entirety of my teenage years removing things I would later want from bin bags during mad chuck outs ... It seems I haven't learnt my lesson.

I now have a wardrobe of clothes that don't fit ... I'm considering what to do with them ... I'm reluctant to sell them, as I actually love them all.  Some of them are items of couture I have had since my heady 'money' days and they make (well made - they no longer fit) me feel amazing when I wear them.

But there is nothing quite so disheartening as putting on clothes that don't fit.  My jeans look like they belong in a Huckleberry Fin Novel, and my tops look like they belong to someone else entirely.

I have decided the best thing to do with my tops and dresses is to take them in*.  BUT.  There is little point in doing this now as I will only have to do it again in a few months time ... Hmmm ... So as it stands at the moment, the clothes I own that fit are:

3 vests
1 shirts
4 bras
8 pairs of pants
2 pairs of Jeans
Various socks

and that is it ... Hmmm ...

And then it struck me ... 'I wonder if any of Shellebelles clothes will fit me now?' Hmmmm ...

So I raided.

I have gained 2 t-shirts, 1 cardigan, 2 shirts, 1 pair of jeans and a pair of cords ... actually 90% of Shellebelles wardrobe fitted me but I felt I had to leave her some clothes ...  As an aside, she's now in need of clothes herself having dropped 4 dress sizes too.

So I have 3 days worth of clothes before I need to wash my entire wardrobe again ...  

*As for my jeans, there is no hope for them sadly

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