Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sniff Alert ... Excercise and Clever Boy

Shellebelle and I are constantly on 'the sniff' alert ... We always have one eye on Jeffers and his nose.  Jeffers has a particular sniffing action.  We call it the Weewee sniff ... he does the sniff, then he does the roundy roundy sniff and then it's too late, he does his business ... so we've learnt that as soon as he does the sniff we need to be up, at the door.  Jeffers knows now that outside is wee wee place, and so holds it until he gets outside - clever boy.  He also knows that he gets a lovely 'wee wee' fuss when he does his wee wees and poops outside.  He is such a clever boy, already he managed to hold his poop from 11pm - 7pm, though he did wee wee, but on his puppy pad which is a clever boy in its own way. 

We're working on his bite inhibition at the moment, like all little kiddies, he can get very over excited at playtime and sometimes requires a bit of quiet time to calm down.  It only ever lasts a few minutes and is just enough to make sure he can hear us through the adrenalin again!

All in all he's being a very clever pup.

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