Thursday, 10 October 2013

Glands ... Glands ... Glands ... Urghhh

I always thinks 'Glands' is such a sickly word.  It's a word which puts me in mind of Plague victims ... I can imagine a Contemporary describing 
"Their nidorous Glands oozing with malodorous puris, pestilent in it's toxicity ..."  
Glands.  The word itself is enough to make me feel ill.  

I woke up this morning struggling to swallow, with a rubber ring around my throat ... it was (dumdumdum) 

The Glands

Oh yes, my Glands, as they say, are up.  Up where I'm not sure.  However I think it is nice there, as they seem in no hurry to return to their usual residency.  

Hmmm.  Last night I think I mentioned that I don't actually feel ill,  I just feel bleh ... 
I can say with some degree of certainty that I am not coming down with the flue ... I think it's just a bug ... I may even just be enjoying what my G.Grandmother referred to as 'a chill' ... I did get particularly wet and cold last week without the opportunity to become unwet and uncold for some time ... 

I don't feel remotely fluey, or like I have a cold coming but I do feel decidedly bleh ... a more clinical description would be sore throat, aching limbs and lethargy ... but bleh pretty much does it I think.

I am hoping that my superpowered immune system is now fighting this battle as I speak ... 

I have started on the Ech, Ek, Ecs ... urgh this stuff which is impossible to spell ... 

Swollen Gland Advice

 As far as those pesky little Glands are concerned this stuff is a magical kryptonite type substance ...  I think magical Lemon, Mint and Chamomile tea is also in order ... 

N.B. Some herbal meds can have unwanted side effects if you're on certain meds.  Check with someone who knows first ...


  1. Ek-in-ay-see-a. utterly brilliant for boosting immune system. take a recommended dose regularly, or do what I do which is only take it when i'm ill, and then blast my body with 32 drops twice daily. works a treat. xxxxx

    1. That's the jobber. I must admit I only take it when I'm sick. It is marvelous stuff.